About Us

Jovely Naturals has been on the market since 2011 providing handmade natural cosmetics made from the best source material. Our  products are suitable for sensitive skin as they don't contain parabens, sulfates, silicones, oil residues  and other components that are harmful  to your skin.

Most products from the variety are 100% natural and manufactured only from vegetable fats, cold-pressed oils, essential oils and dried herbs. 100% natural products are marked accordingly. Preservatives are used only in a minor selection of products that are exposed to water, for example body scrubs, in order to avoid spread of bacteria, mold and fungi, ensuring longer shelf life. Only ECOCERT* and COSMOS certified preservatives are used to ensure skin-friendliness.

Our products are packed in environmentally friendly PET materials and glass, which are easy to recycle. Products are registered in accordance with the EU law and assessed as safe to health.

Our mission is to increase consumers awareness and thereby value the use of chemical-free skin care products. We will do our best to share our  knowledge with our clients giving them opportunity to make better choices in healthier skin care.

*ECOSERT certificate is the most rigid and prestigious standard among the manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics. ECOSERT certificate ensures the purity and quality, which is essential to natural cosmetic production.  Content and quality of the natural and vegetable ingredients are regulated:

- A minimum of 95% of ingredients in the formula must come from natural origin.

- A minimum of 10% of ingredients in the formula must come from organic farming.

- Rules out the use of animal-derived ingredients and animal experiments.